Considering Foster Parenting?

Recommendations for those debating to jump in to the foster care pool…

Just do it! I’m kidding, it is not for everyone. There are a lot of tears and even more paperwork. But there is also really great stuff too!

My main recommendation is to read read read… and pray (if you’re the praying kind).

My husband & I talk to so many people who say they would one day like to adopt or foster a child. In our classes we learned that most people interested in foster parenting never take the first step. If you have ever considered becoming a foster parent, then please take that step. That might look like gathering information, having coffee with a foster parent, or emailing your local county for information. You’re too cool to be on the wrong end of a statistic. Take the step.

Before deciding to become a foster parent, I did a lot of reading. To save you from googling your finger tips off, I have compiled a list of my favorite foster care sites. These words have inspired me, encouraged me, and equipped me to be a better foster parent. These people have a crap-ton more experience than me so I recommend noting their words before reading any more of mine!  Hope you enjoy!

This podcast chronicles the foster journey of a sweet Californian couple. Though they removed most of their posts (I believe due to the fact that their foster children are now old enough to find and listen to them) they still left a few good ones posted. I would highly recommend listening to:

This guys is a foster parent who helped start The Orphan Care Network. There is a plethora of reading here! I haven’t read through everything but the ones I have read are graceful and encouraging. Here are a few goodies:

This website has a blog full of guest posts written by people in the foster care community. Favs:

If you’re in the foster care world for just 2 minutes you will probably hear the name Karyn Purvis. She has written several books about helping kids who have experienced trauma ( This is her organization’s website and everything here is worth getting into!

There are many more resources I could mention but I don’t want to overwhelm my 3 readers. I promise to update with my best finds.

Much Love,


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